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'e-automate' is a set of ERP and CRM solutions, developed with an aim to automate all the business functions so as to speed up the processes and minimize the manual efforts and human mistakes.
We have developed 'e-automate' for following Industries:
•   Healthcare
•   Education
•   BPO
•   Point of Sale
•   Automobile
•   Insurance
•   Stock Advisory
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'e-valuate' is a solution for Educational and Corporate entities for conducting online tests and examinations. It's a light-weighted web application and can be hosted in-house or over internet. 'e-valuate' comes with a blend of rich user interface and ease to use with performance, scalability, reusability and brings in bundle of savings.
e-leads is a powerful lead capture tool that allows Users to create chunks of leads, each with its own unique set of geographical locations requirements. Being a Single screen software it's easy to use. It provides instant access to data from our huge databases of leads, being constantly updated on weekly basis. It helps Users to generate cold calling leads in order to promote the products and services across the Globe.
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Commercial material needs protection. Protection from editing and Protection from re-use. Here is a solution for the same. e-converter converts any format to PDF. It's a single screen application where you can browse the source file and with a single click, you get the same file in PDF format. Download it, Install it and Utilize it, all at no cost.
The busy schedules and heavy work pressures often make us forget the promises made. Why let these overcome your rapport. Use e-reminder and set the reminders for your commitments. It's a light application which sleeps silently in your task bar until you have set reminder. Download it, Install it and Utilize it, all at no cost.
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