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Start your business online in minutes with web hosting solutions
Your business often needs to market its products or solutions worldwide. Website Hosting is an economical solution that enables you to establish your business's global presence and showcase your products to potential customers, across geographies. It also improves your business' accessibility with suppliers and customers.
When you talk about "driving growth"
We sense you'll need "flexible computing"

As an SME business owner, we know you're raring to grow, every single day. But that choice comes with a challenge of choosing the right levels of CAPEX-based investments. Sensing this, we offer you InstaCompute – a pay-per-use IaaS solution deployed across our data centers and integrated into our Tier-1 IP network. So when you need greater computing, we offer you latest processors based on elastic computing infrastructure. When you want greater security, we offer you a customizable firewall. And when you need your business to sprint at peak hours, we come with low-latency 10 GB Ethernet switches providing multiple points of redundancy and quickest path routing. At Tata Communications, we sense SME business needs faster and further.
When you mention "global standards"
We sense you'll need "greater productivity"

Like every SME business, we know you dream of reaching bigger playing fields; a dream which begins by pushing internal productivity standards. That's where InstaOffice, powered by Google Apps can make a difference. So, when you need to enhance sharing, it offers email and instant messaging. And when you want to boost productive output, this suite of services gives you document and website creation. At Tata Communications, we sense SME business needs faster and further.
Get the professional edge of customized email addresses that reflect your business' domain name. Experience enhanced security and storage, so that your employees can focus on work rather than worry about their email safety or storage space.
Key Features
- 2 GB of storage per user
- 99.9% SLA for emai
- l Inbuilt Anti-spam and Anti-virus capabilities
- Just Rs. 365 per user, per annum
A web-based management portal makes it easy to monitor your IT security. PC Security Shield saves time and money, so you can focus on your business priorities. Instant protection against new threats, viruses, worms and spyware Global protection in 60 seconds from first confirmation of a new threat. PC Security Shield Deep Guard 2.0 technology with instant recognition of both safe and malicious software enables lightning-fast protection against new threats. In addition the updates several times a day to provide so you can safely use your computer enabling you a rich digital life.
An ever-increasing number of new viruses are found each day, some of which possess the ability to spread globally within hours. If a virus enters a corporate network, often results in significant financial losses due to network disruptions, decreased productivity, corrupted data and the leaking of confidential data. Even a company’s reputation can be in danger if it unwittingly spreads viruses to its business associates.

Our Server Security ensures that users who connect to corporate file servers with infected machines do not spread viruses to others on the network.

Now automatic backup your PC and share the contents too.
In today's fast paced business environment, data is critical and needs to be protected from accidental deletion and hardware failures at all times. Backup options such as disks, flash memory and hard drives are manual and susceptible to various threats and risks, such as viruses, theft, corruption and damage. The only viable solution is an online data repository that is secure, scalable and easy to operate. Discover the advantage of Tata Communications' Online Backup that offers unlimited backup space, automatic uploads, ease of use, high security and location-independent access and sharing.

Discover Tata Communications' CRM solution that is simple, yet powerful. With it, you can increase customer acquisition (without increasing sales personnel) and increase your sales margins by effectively cross-selling / up-selling to the existing customer base.

Give your business the advantage of a Cloud-based application that will help you build, maintain and strengthen customer relationships and reduce customer churn


InstaCC, the on-demand and hosted contact centre solution has a unified, scalable and managed portfolio of contact centre applications with pay-as-you-go tariff models.
Tata Communications provides local access; international voice and data connectivity with InstaCC’s hosted contact centre application suite. With only minimal advance investment, you can get started and connect to the InstaCC’s contact centre application suite that combines world-class voice and multimedia solutions like ACD, email, IVR, chat and co-browsing; as well as enhanced predictive dialer, recording, performance routing, etc.

Save upto 80% on your communication cost
Now make your business' international calls, between global branches, employees, business partners and customers, even more cost-effective. Choose to give your business the advantages of Tata Communications' VoIP solution and save up to 80% more than you did using traditional PSTN lines.
When you first mention "business growth"
We sense you'll need "blazing connectivity"
Like every business-hungry SME, we know you want to take on new competition as often as possible. Thus, to strengthen the backbone of your organization's communication infrastructure, we offer you our TL 9000 certified Internet Leased Lines. So when you want to expand beyond Broadband, we offer you dedicated connectivity 24 hours a day with 99.5% SLA. When you want to test your mission critical applications, we give you expandable bandwidth. And when you want to keep costs in check, we provide you with a cost-effective option.

At Tata Communications, we sense SME business needs faster and further.

Experience high-speed browsing and save more !
Give your business the advantage of a Broadband solution that provides browsing speeds ranging from 256 kbps to 100 Mbps. Explore business benefits with a range of business-enhancing Applications and Services, bundled with smart data plans. Get the benefit of multiple PC connectivity, without compromising on browsing speeds on individual computers.
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