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Business Process Optimization
All Businesses work for revenue generation and strive for increasing the revenue. But a true Businessman should also consider the savings. Because, how much you save is equivalent to increase in your Profit. Saving is not greediness but a smart way to reduce the consumption of resources.

In any Organization, Resources are directed by the Processes and the Processes are executed via the Resources. Keeping this as our baseline, we have designed a set of models for each domain of the software industry. Our models illustrate the levels and the layers of the processes and rank them upon performance. We suggest the ways to upgrade the process to another level and present the benefit in quantitative as well as qualitative phenomena.

Our models encompass not only the engineering or technical verticals of the Organizations but also the non-technical verticals like Operations, Business Development, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Vendor Management and General Administration. At a glance, our models have helped the Organizations to refine the processes resulting into increase in utilization of the available resources, the efficiency of the resources, cost saving, more work in lesser time. And all this has come along with smiles on all faces.

Project Management
Fetching Business is always easy, but delivering is not. And when delivery includes timelines and quality parameters, it becomes more difficult. To ensure successful delivery of a Project and ensuring Customer's satisfaction, one needs an efficient Project Management Office and Processes. Hereby, when we talk about Consulting into Project Management, we study and analyze the existence of Project Management Office at an Organization, the existing Processes and implementation and execution of the same. After this analysis we come up with changes that can be done in the existing processes so as to achieve an overall improvement.
Productivity & Efficiency
Employees or the Manpower are the key resources for any Organization.
The Employees work in an Office for 8 hours a Day or 40 hours a Week and get remunerated for this complete time-frame. But is this entire time-frame Productive for the Organization. We do provide an in-sight to this aspect of the Performance Management. Not only analysis, but providing the Solution to this core problem faced by most of the Organizations is our objective here.

Is Efficiency Tangible? Yes! Moving ahead from Productivity, we talk about Efficiency of the Employees. Once, the Organization achieves the productive time of Employees, the need is to analyze the efficiency of the Employees.
Hereby, we deliver the methods to analyze, calculate and improve the Productivity and Efficiency of the Employees.

Market Research & Promotion
A perfect businessman is the one who holds the nerves of Market. Because he should know the right time to purchase, right time to sale, the best time to produce and the best time to market, what to produce, how to produce and where to produce. And this does not end here. The most important part is to sell the produced material. The process of Sale is again most important.

In order to get the hold of market a Businessman needs a proper Market research. We hereby suggest the strategies and parameters for Market Research that one should follow before going ahead to produce anything. Here, we not only provide the consultation into Market research, but we on our own, provide this Service to our Customers.

Selling is the process which comes next to Production. As per the requirement of the Market, a Businessman produces his material. The value, quality and quantity are something that he has already taken care of. Now, in order to sell the ready product, he needs to go ahead with certain promotional activities, marketing and branding strategies. Hereby, we come ahead to help our Customers by suggesting the appropriate strategies and activities.

Turn-Key Call Centre Setup
Starting up a Business is a tough decision and same is the initiation process. Most of the beginners are not aware of all the processes and measures that need to be taken care of. We offer our consultation to the such start-up Call Centres. This is a 6 month process in which we remain associated with the Callcentre and help them in setting up entire Business.
We offer our Consultation services in following domains:
  • Legal and other compliances to start-up the Organization
  • Infrastructure setup (including Hardware, Software, Network and Web)
  • Forming up Organization Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Business Development
  • Operational Execution
  • Billing, Finance, Accounting and Taxation
IT Services
Enterprise Application Development
We provide the Application Development Services using the latest Technologies, design patters and frameworks. Our team of Technical and Subject Matter experts have been developing robust, scalable and secure applications for our Global Clientele. We have been developing applications spanning from simpler standalone applications to multi-tier web applications, supporting multiple networks and serving all the major Business functions. Our applications are not arrayed to any specific domain and hence candid for all domains.
Project Management
To ensure successful deliveries of Projects within defined timelines and with quality and above all Customer’s satisfaction, all we need is efficient Project Managers. We deliver Project Management services to our Customers. Starting from requirement gathering to analysis, planning, recruitment, development, quality assurance, integration, release and deployment along with daily status .
sharing is all what we do remotely. The best part is our Project Managers are all Techno-Project Managers.
Database Performance Tuning and Optimization
Our SQL Programmers have earned expertise over all the professional and open source database management systems. These ranges from all flavors of Oracle, Ms SQL, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite, Postgresql, HSQLDB, Cache DB and Ms Access. Our SQL Programmers are not only efficient with SQL but also with Programming concepts and scripting. Their analyzing power has enabled us, to optimize the complex queries and do the performance tuning of the databases.
Content Development
White Papers, Case Studies, User Guides, User Manuals, Online Helps, Specification Documents or Playbooks, Discussion Guides, Brochures or Blogs, Articles, Tweets, Walls, Reviews. Whatever be your need with the text, our alphabet players are enthusiastic to write for you. Our writers and SMEs are experts from various domains and posses the business knowledge to write expeditiously.
Reporting Solutions
As much as the functionalities of a Software are important, so are the Reports. Reports are the mirror of the functionality of an application and the useful element for Management. Hereby, we design, develop and recommend reports for any application.
Quality Assurance
We believe into Quality deliverables, which brings back Customer's satisfaction. Hence, we have built a team of expert Quality Assurance Engineers with rich experience and multi-domain exposure. We deliver our services into Quality Assurance ranging from UI, Functional, Content and Performance till value additions. We perform testing into multiple platforms and environments so as to ensure that no defect is remaining.
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